July 16, 2020 Meeting Minutes (DRAFT)

Thursday July 16, 2020 – 7:00 p.m. Go-To-Meeting


  1. Introductions
  • Minutes
  • Minutes of March 5, 2020

Moved By: Hermann Sellin                                                  CARRIED

That the Minutes of March 5, 2020 meeting be accepted as presented.

  • Administration
  • Committee Contact Update

Copy shared prior. If any further changes required, let Brian know.

  • Website:
    • CP-REM Website
      • Very good means of communication during the COVID Pandemic
      • Also operating a Facebook social media account to mirror CPREM
    • I Compass (On Hold)
  • Training
  • Course Worksheets
    • CAO & Deputy’s received this worksheet.
    • There was concern that this sheet does not actively reflect the correct number of trained staff due to expiries but the emergency training does not expire.
  • Upcoming Training
    • 2020 Schedule / 2021
      • COVID postponed face-to-face courses to at least September
      • Brian proposes changes to the dates of the missed ICS 200, 300, and the regional exercise as per the training sheet to later this year and similar dates in 2021 to get back on track, see amendments on training dates sheet
        • Moved by: Willis Fitsimmons                     CARRIED
  • Alberta Emergency Alert
    • 5 individuals currently have access to this system, looking for nominations from each municipalities staff to take the training in Edmonton when the training becomes available
      • Brian will send information to the municipalities
  • Immediate Needs
    • Mandatory training – Deadline Extension?
      • Brice has confirmed there is an extension
      • Class sizes will likely be smaller
  • Regional Exercise
  • 2020 Regional Exercise at Saddle Hills County
    • Postponed to 3rd Friday of March 2021
  • Preparedness
  • Central  EOC – Brownlee Building
    • WI-FI – Dianne will have tested soon, good so far
  • Regional EM Plan update
    • Splitting out Reception Centre Plan
      • Will still be available in EOC kits
  • Pandemic Plan – Updated in January
    • Another update will be required following the after-action review
    • Business Continuity Planning (each Municipality)
  • Large Animal Emergency Plan – In Progress
    • Discussed risk criteria and planning process in prior meetings, Looking to meet with rural communities and other interested individuals between now and the end of the month, August – looking into the review of the plan, have a draft by the end of august. To be presented to all 3 AG service boards in one meeting. Final presentation to ASBs in September/October.
    • There will be training for the people implementing the plans
    • Prior gathering of data on number and location of animals and livestock, can be used for mailing out information once complete
  • Wildfire Hazard/Risk Assessment BHC – In Progress
    • Drafting report – 1st look at that within the next month
  • Alberta Incident Management System (NIMS-ICS)
    • Chart restructuring review
      • ESS org chart
        • Brice – ESS usually orange – would be helpful to separate the roles by identification (ie. colour or on a big name tag)
      • Emergency operation Center org chart
      • Incident Command Post Org Chart
      • Incident Site Org Chart
  •   Mutual Aid  
  • NW-AHIMT (EOC Support Team) AB Task Force 1
    • Spring flooding in MacKenzie County
      • Short team (Incident Commander and General Staff) due to COVID/other situations at home
  • Mitigation Programs
    • Fall 2020  (Funding Announcement)
      • First round of funding currently used for Wildfire risk assessment in BHC
      • MD of Spirit River – Brian will partake in conferance call and put together expression of interest (due by September 14th) send to CAO, will need a council motion), if approved they invite you to submit grant proposal.
    • Dead aspen not considered a significant risk in current modelling, may lead to an increased risk not shown in risk assessment
  • Flood Mitigation Grant (MD-133/Rycroft)
    • Grant was denied but project proceeding. Securing land to divert water away from Rycroft.
  • Other
    • Diversion channel in bonanza
      • Completed and functioning well
  •   Response
  • COVID 19
    • New case in Central Peace
      • Risk for more cases
    • Mask Distribution
      • Shipments received of 8 masks per person now in stock
      • Looking for more locations to distribute
  • Smoky River Flood
    • Equipment failure on Wapiti River on part of provincial ministry leading in lack on information about the river flows, lead to the decision to trigger the evacuation.
    • Response from firefighters and ESS was great
  • Rain 2020
    • SHC slides, slumps, bridge pipe washout
  1.  Recovery
  2. 2018 Spring Flooding repairs
  3. DRP Application(s)
    1. SHC, BHC, MD133 (May), Rycroft (2018-approved)
    1. Some DRP applications are backed up to 2018 yet
  1.  Partner Agency Updates
  2. Alberta Emergency Management Agency
    1. In person courses postponed
    1. Electronic or conference meetings
    1. Temp Hires from NAIT
    1. Course updates/Online
    1. Block training on hold
      1. Lessons learned from this year’s situations, will probably be seen in future training
  3. Agriculture & Forestry
    1. COVID affecting response, but very slow season fortunately
    1. 200 extra firefighters and fire ban may have helped contribute to slow season
  4. Alberta Health Services
    1. Mostly consumed by COVID, with some new challenges from flooding responses during COVID
    1. 35-40 Command Posts reporting at one time, liaison team working with 100+ communities, back to normal levels of questions asked, Some elements still up and running to monitor
    1. Keeping pressure off of ICU beds thanks to Province and individual responses
    1. Monitoring potential of wave 2, the challenges of COVID and incoming Flu season
    1. Training staff, looking at skype/zoom training across north zone
    1. Hiring for Inspector that covered our local area, for EPH help – contact Ashley
    1. Alberta Health distributes information about your municipality, AHS does not get the same information. AHS uses the map.
      1. Municipality is not receiving information about cases, heads up report seems dated
  5. Alberta Support & Emergency Response Team
    1. Thanks for our response/reactions during flooding
  6. Alberta Energy Regulator – FIRST
  7. AHS/EMS
  8. RCMP
  9. Alberta Transportation
  1.  Round Table
  2. Debbie – back open part time at RCMP detachment, people working from home, Victim Services not going to callouts- phone only
  3. Willis – Impressed with information and response from administration to council during COVID

Meeting Adjourned 8:50pm.

Next Meeting:

November 12, 2020                                                                   Supper at 6:00 p.m.         

Location: Saddle Hills                                                                Meeting to follow