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Alberta has declared a state of public health emergency

For a full list of restrictions please see the Alberta Government’s new COVID-19 Public Health Actions


– Current Central Peace COVID Information –

Cases In The Central Peace

8 Active Cases In Central Peace

a/o 2021-11-22

• Birch Hills County: 2 active

• M.D. of Spirit River: 1 active

• Saddle Hills County: 5 active

Follow the link for more info from AHS on Regional Cases:


AHS School Outbreak and Alert List


Cases in Canada

Updated daily

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Current AHS Public Health Measures


Vaccine Misinformation



Wildfire Danger Low

Fire season in Alberta began March 1st. Permits are required for all burning except campfires in the Forest Protection Area.

Monitor Current Fire Bans, Wildfire Status, Smoke Conditions & Weather Alerts

To help protect your home from wildfire, FireSmart it:

  • remove flammable items that are within 5 feet of your property
  • keep roof and gutters free from debris
  • prune trees and shrubs regularly
  • conduct a FireSmart home assessment

Talk to your neighbors about what you can do to FireSmart your community.
Learn more about how you can FireSmart your property, your community and your industry.




Make a plan. Create a kit. Stay informed.

There are various ways to stay informed of emergencies in the Central Peace and around Alberta.

These include:

  1. Alberta Emergency Alerts are issued to provide you with critical information about an immediate emergency, where it is occurring, and what actions you nee to take. Alerts are distributed in various ways, including: radio, television, social media, RSS feed, and the Alberta Emergency Alert App. Download the app to stay informed through your mobile device.
  2. Wireless alerting is another tool to receive emergency alerts. Wireless public alerts are issued to cell phones within a defined geographic area. These alerts are only issued for threat-to-life situations. You can learn more at alertready.ca, and check if your phone is compatible to receive wireless alerts.  Sign-up is not required as all cell-phones are automatically registered.
  3. Municipal sources: Be careful of the authenticity of some of the information that is being shared. It is best to use trusted municipal sources for local information


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